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Connecting to the mySugr® app improves glycaemic management and helps reduce estimated HbA1c


Real world data analysis presented at the 2023 Diabetes UK Professional Conference1 shows that patients with type 2 diabetes have significant improvements in glycaemic management when using a blood glucose meter connected to the mySugr* app 

After four months of using the mySugr app and a connected blood glucose meter, a statistically significant reduction in estimated HbA1c and a significant increase in the percentage of blood glucose measurements in range2 was observed

With 4.7 million people in the UK living with type 2 diabetes, this real world data demonstrates the huge potential of the mySugr app3

mySugr user

About the study

The aim of this study was to explore the impact of a blood glucose meter connected to the mySugr app in UK users with type 2 diabetes, as this population often shows reduced glycaemic outcomes and increased diabetes-related complications.

The retrospective analysis looked at 1,229 people from the UK, with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, who used an Accu-Chek meter connected with the mySugr app. Of these, 52.64% had type 1 diabetes and 47.36% had type 2 diabetes.

Previous studies have shown an improvement in people with type 1 diabetes with the use of blood glucose monitors connected with mobile health apps, however, this study is the first to review the impact of the mySugr app for people with type 2 diabetes.


Reduction of estimated HbA1c (eHbA1c) and improved glycaemic management

After 4 months of using the mySugr app with a connected blood glucose meter, a statistically significant reduction of 0.44% was observed in the eHbA1c in users with type 2 diabetes. Interestingly, a reduction was observed in eHbA1c after only one month of use.

Figure 1: Reduction of estimated HbA1c

Percentage of Measurements in Range (MiR)

The percentage of blood glucose MiR for mySugr users with type 2 diabetes significantly increased (6.93%; p<0.001) after starting to use mySugr and, as with the estimated HbA1c, this was observed after just one month of app usage. Improvements observed in the users with type 1 diabetes were in line with those seen in previous studies.

Figure 2: Blood glucose measurements in type 2 diabetes users

“People with type 2 diabetes tend to show poorer glycemic control which translates into increased likelihood of diabetes-related complications. Lowering the HbA1c and achieving more glucose measurements in range could reduce the risk of cardiovascular complications such as stroke or myocardial infarctions, or eye risk complications.”

Dr Regina Mayor, Medical Cluster Lead Northwest Europe & Canada, Roche Diabetes Care.

High Res PNG-Accu-Chek-Instant and mySugr floating shadow mmol

About the mySugr app

The mySugr app is a diabetes management app made for people with diabetes by people with diabetes. It allows for easy logging of blood glucose and automatically syncs blood glucose levels from Accu-Chek meters, and is already used by more than 4 million registered users worldwide.

Feedback from mySugr users supports the findings from this study. A mySugr user who has type 2 diabetes explains how using mySugr has helped to improve his motivation in managing his diabetes: “[prior to using the meter with the mySugr app] I didn’t care a lot about my blood glucose. I am now more mindful of what I eat because I can see my results.”

One user has seen her HbA1c decrease from 102 to 44 mmol/mol since using the mySugr app. She explains; “The app has made me more aware of how I can help myself. I know my blood glucose results right away and I get a good feeling when I see good results. It gives you a goal, you see that HbA1c and you never want it to go up again.”

“For people with type 2 diabetes the [mySugr] app is good because they can see their time in target improving. I have patients who are testing more often and becoming more engaged because they have the app and they can see their results.”

Diabetes Specialist Service Team Lead

*The mySugr logbook is licensed for people with diabetes over the age of 16 years. The mySugr Bolus Calculator is licensed for people with diabetes over the age of 18 years.

Quotations sourced from recorded interviews as part of consultancy agreements with Roche Diabetes Care in 2022.


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