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RocheDiabetes Care Platform Support

RocheDiabetes Care Platform Patient VIew

The power to personalise care

The RocheDiabetes Care Platform organises personal diabetes patient data into structured visualisations so it can be used to make decisions and deliver care.

Here to support you

Explore the answers to some common questions about how the RocheDiabetes Care Platform collects, stores and cares for patient data below.

For technical support and how to use the RocheDiabetes Care Platform please visit our dedicated support site.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements for RocheDiabetes Care Platform?

System requirements

How does mySugr® work with the RocheDiabetes Care Platform?

The RocheDiabetes Care Platform can capture patient data via the mySugr smartphone app.

To establish the connection between a RocheDiabetes Care Platform healthcare provider account and a patient mySugr account, the healthcare provider can send an email invitation to the patient with the healthcare provider account of the RocheDiabetes Care Platform.

How to connect with mySugr

How does the data upload work?

The RocheDiabetes Care Platform and Device Link software can also be used by your patients at home which enables remote patient monitoring when the patient elects to share their data with you.

The Accu-Chek Device Link software requires local installation and an open USB port for uploading data.

Device Link software requirements

What about data privacy and security compliance?

Roche Diabetes Care GmbH is ISO 27001:2017 certified for the development and provision of digital applications in Cloud modality for the treatment of patients with diabetes, demonstrating that our Information Security Management System complies with these requirements. Certificate is available upon request.

Roche Diabetes Care is also Cyber Essentials Plus certified, you can view the status of our Cyber Essentials certifications here.

RocheDiabetes Care Platform - Technical Overview mmol/L (PDF, 135 kb)