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mySugr App

Enabling better diabetes self-management

Your patients can collect all their diabetes data in one place, and utilize features within the app to better understand the impact of food choices, exercise and medication on their blood glucose readings.

mySugr App Features

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mySugr Logging

Once your patient connects their diabetes device with mySugr, the connected blood glucose meter will automatically log their blood sugar readings into the app.

  • Automatic data importing saves time and makes tracking convenient
  • With a connected blood glucose meter your patient can avoid manual logging errors
  • By connecting to Google Fit® or Apple Health® patients can easily track fitness data
Grouping of Accu-Chek® Blood Glucose products (Accu-Chek Softclix, Accu-Chek Guide Me blood glucose meter, iPhone with mySugr app, and Accu-Chek Guide test strips)
Android phone with mySugr mobile application Smart Search feature displayed

mySugr Smart Search

mySugr’s Smart Search lets patients quickly search through all their data using a wide variety of filters. This enables learning opportunities for your patients, to see how past events such as specific meals or exercise impacted their blood glucose levels.

  • Quickly find any searchable event or entry in just a few clicks.
  • Search almost 50 tags from customized data entry.
  • Compare entries by location, time, free form text and more.
  • Find recurring events or trends for informed diabetes management adjustments.

mySugr and RocheDiabetes Care Platform

The mySugr app offers your patients simplified diabetes management on the go with personalized views, tools and goals. And that's not all! Patients can use the mySugr app to share their diabetes data with their healthcare team via the RocheDiabetes Care Platform. This secure online diabetes management system allows you to support your patients with even more ways to help optimize their diabetes therapy.

mySugr mobile application on iPhone and RocheDiabetes Care Platform synchronization

Product Training and Support

The mySugr app: Pairing your device

Learn how to pair the Accu Chek Guide Me meter to the mySugr app.

The mySugr app: Log Entry

Learn how to create a new log entry in the mySugr app.

The mySugr app: Share Reports

Learn how to email, share, or print reports from the mySugr app.

Does it really work?


Fewer Hypos Thanks to the Logbook

In a retrospective data analysis of more than 450 high-risk T1D users the occurrence of low blood sugars significantly decreased. The LBGI (Low Blood Glucose Index), which indicates how often and severe low blood glucose events appear, was reduced by 17.4% after 6 months1.


Reduction of eHbA1c with the help of our app

The effect of continuous documentation with the mySugr app was analyzed through a retrospective real world data analysis, where the anonymized data of 440 active T1D users was observed. After only one month, the estimated HbA1c dropped from an average of 9% to 7.8%. After six months, the estimated HbA1c decreased to 7.7%1.

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1.  Debong F, Mayer H, and Kober J. Real-World Assessments of mySugr Mobile Health App. Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics, June 2019