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Simplify your workflow and provide your patients with a low cost by choosing Accu-Chek Guide Me

Accu-Chek Products are always covered under Medicare Part B1
The patient pays only $1.66 for 50 test strips and may pay a $0 co-pay2

Accu-Chek products are also covered under many national Medicare Advantage plans such as: UHC, Humana, and Anthem.1


Savings Made Simple

Regardless of plan coverage, ensure savings for your patient. Patients pay an average of $10.99 per 50ct vial of Accu-Chek Guide test strips,4 regardless of plan coverage.5

  1. Prescribe the Accu-Chek Guide or Guide Me meter and Guide Test Strips for any commercially insured patients
  2. Patient visits local pharmacy to pick up prescription
  3. Pharmacist processes claim with patient's commercial insurance card
  4. Savings are provided through the patient's plan or the Accu-Chek Automated Cash Discount Program5

Prescription Discount Program

Help your patients save on refills with the Accu-Chek® Prescription discount program. Starting at $19.99 for 50-count Accu-Chek Guide test strips, and just $10 more for each additional 50-count test strips.

1.  Accu-Chek test strips are covered when Medically necessary for the patient and prescribed by a physician

2.  After patient meets $240 Part B deductible. $0 copay may occur when patient has a supplemental health plan. Coverage and payment subject to co-insurance, deductible, and patient eligibility requirements. Roche Diabetes Care, Inc. does not guarantee coverage or payment. It is not appropriate to seek reimbursement from any third-party payer — including Medicare, Medicaid, or other government healthcare programs — for free products. Void where prohibited by law. Cannot be combined with other offers.

3.  Co-payments and preferred statuses vary from plan to plan

4.  IQVIA, IQVIA LAAD Data, Jan 2022 to Dec 2022; commercial plans only. Internal analysis

5.  Cash Discount Program when Accu-Chek Guide products are not covered: Those insured by any government healthcare program, such as Medicare or Medicaid, are NOT eligible for the Cash Discount Program offer. Pharmacists must dispense Accu-Chek Guide products using patient’s primary insurance. If a patient's primary insurance rejects a claim with NCPDP reject 70, 75, or 76, discounts will automatically apply at participating pharmacies. Quantity limits may apply. Accu-Chek Guide test strip offer: Discount varies based on quantity of test strips purchased. Analysis includes both commercially insured patients and patients participating in the Cash Discount Program.