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RocheDiabetes Care Platform

RDCP mySugr w/ laptop & Accu-Chek Guide (mg/dL)

Enabling personalized diabetes care through actionable insights powered by data

The RocheDiabetes Care Platform seamlessly connects you and people with diabetes, creating actionable insights to help deliver more efficient, personalized care. The RocheDiabetes Care Platform presents patient data in an easy-to-read format and is also compatible with a variety of diabetes devices making downloading of device data easier and more efficient.

Main Benefits

  • All-in-one platform which enables integrated Personalized Diabetes Management (iPDM)
  • Seamless connections with +140 diabetes management devices including BG meters, CGMs, insulin pumps and pens, and fitness trackers.
  • Actionable insights for more efficient consultations
  • Connects to mySugr App to enable seamless and consistent flow of blood glucose data
  • Under constant evolution to support you now and in the future

Seamless Connection to mySugr

Encourage diabetes self-management for your patients with the mySugr app. When patients take blood glucose readings, log fitness, or input other health data, it passively and securely transfers into RDCP! Allowing you to spend less time collecting data, and more time personalizing care.

Actionable Insights

Data imported from mySugr is visualized in an easy to read way. Hypo, hyper, and in-range patterns are clear to see, and areas requiring immediate attention easily identified. This way you can always stay up to date on your patients’ health!

Efficient Response

RDCP uses diabetes relevant data to help you make effective, efficient therapy decisions specific to each patient. Personalizing care, and improving health through actions backed by data!

RDCP Resources

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The RocheDiabetes Care Platform - Constantly Evolving: we hear you!

The RocheDiabetes Care Platform - Our Features & Benefits

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